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History of kissing in movies reported by NY Times

Posted December. 15, 2014 08:29,   


"List up the followings in a chronological order: between two women; between two men; between a black and a white; between a human and an animal. How long was the longest kiss in a movie?"

The U.S. daily New York Times published "A Brief History of Kissing in Movies" n a recent issue of its weekend magazine. The first on-screen kiss was presented 118 years ago, in a movie called "The Kiss" in 1896. Hero and heroine of Broadway play "The Widow Jones" re-enacted their stage roles including kissing on the screen. For 30 years since the movie, movie kisses had been a smooch just smacking lips together.

In the article, the magazine said, “The groundbreaking open-mouthed kiss was in the 1926 film "Flesh and the Devil.’” The so called "French kiss," more sensual than open-mouthed kiss, appeared 35 years later in "Splendor in the Grass" (1961) when teenage lovers make out in a parked convertible.

Groundbreaking same-sex (women) kiss was in "Morocco" (1930). On the contrary, groundbreaking same-sex (men) kiss was presented 41 years later in the movie "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (1971), which was about bi-sexuality.

Groundbreaking "inter-racial" kiss was in "Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner" (1967). After whopping 71 years from the first movie kiss in 1896, the first on-screen kiss between a black man and a white woman appeared. In the following year, interspecies kiss between a human and an ape was in "Planet of the Apes" (1968), according to the magazine.

The longest movie kiss was "Kids in America” (2005), in which the main character kisses his girlfriend for six minutes. In a movie titled "Harold and Maude" (1971), the heroine kisses a 20-something hero celebrating her 80th birthday, which makes a groundbreaking 50-plus-year age gap kiss.

The magazine said, “Using weather to heighten the emotions of a kiss scene may be clichéd."