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Family of `monster middle school girls`

Posted August. 06, 2014 06:18,   


This is the "I Saw the Devil" film version for teenagers. Shortly after Army private first class surnamed Yoon was allegedly beaten to death stirring public indignation, a murder of a high school girl student occurred in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province. Middle school girls who ran away from home and lived with the high school girl killed her brutally and damaged the dead body to hide the crime. While the crime method was brutal, what is more surprising is that the offenders were just 15 years old. Does this show a social degradation or simply a small part of extreme incident in our society?

The high school girl surnamed Yoon ran away from her home on March 15 after falling into temptation by a 20-something man she came to know through social networking service. Her whereabouts since follows the path of a normal teenage runaway. She stayed with the man who was kind to her but then he revealed his true colors and forced her into prostitution. When the offenders who came to be aware of the fact that Yoon`s father reported to police on her daughter`s disappearance, they sent her back to home two weeks later, but only to take her again. It is a pity that she didn`t ask for help from her family, school, police or any others instead of again running away from home.

Runaway teenagers tend to join the so-called "runaway family" where teenagers with similar conditions gather due to absence of lodging and food. Runaway family is a sort of family and thus demands room price, living expenses and entertainment costs. Runaway teenagers are thus easily tempted to prostitution through social networking services. This is how runaway family became the hotbed of teenager crime. The latest incident is more vicious in that 20-something men approached girl students and urged them to leave home, and that girls in the runaway family fought and checked on each other to prevent them from dropping out.

Both the adult men who presided over the crime and middle school students deserve strict punishment. Some provoke sympathy on these young girls who were forced and threatened to join crime. However, there is no excuse for the students who are 15 years old and aware of the fact that no such brutal activities can be pardoned. Nonetheless, adults have every reason to bemoan. Families failed to become a love nest, schools lost their protection role and the society turned a blind eye on prostitution. This very society has fostered "young monsters."