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83 people evacuated from region sieged by Syrian government forces

83 people evacuated from region sieged by Syrian government forces

Posted February. 10, 2014 04:17,   


Eighty three of more than 3,000 residents in the Homs region, who were on the verge of starving to death sieged by the Syrian government forces, evacuated for the first time despite flood of gun fires and mortar fires by armed assailants who attacked relief trucks.

The U.N. said on Friday that it evacuated 83 people, including women, children, and elderly people from Old City districts in Homs, the hub of the anti-government rebels who are under siege by government forces. The move has been taken due to agreement reached by the government forces and anti-government rebels to hold a three-day seize-fire in the Homs region for humanitarian relief at the international Syrian peace talks held in Geneva, Switzerland on January 24 to 31.

In Homs’ city center, the U.N. and Syrian Red Crescent (Red Cross in Islam region) mobilized nine relief trucks and handed over 250 sacks of food and 190 boxes of medicine and hygienic products, and evacuated civilians. However, they had difficulties carrying out relief operations because rebels and government forces abruptly resumed battle on Saturday, the second day of seize fire.

In an interview with Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen TV, Talal Al-Barazi, the governor of Homs, said, “Relief trucks from the U.N. and the International Red Crescent were under mortar and rifle attacks and four medics were injured.” The Syrian Red Crescent also announced on its Facebook page that people were under artillery attacks by unidentified gunmen in Homs City while supplying foods and medicine, and one driver was injured and two trucks were destroyed.

“Some 250,000 Syrians are not getting food supply, and are suffering from starvation and disease,” U.N.’s Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos said. “Efforts to help the Syrian refugees should continue.”

Fierce battle continued in Syria’s northwest again on Saturday, while relief supplies were delivered in Homs. The Syrian human rights watch in the U.K. said that 20 people were killed due to “drum bombs” dumped by the Syrian government forces’ choppers in Aleppo.