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Park: Dodging criticisms will not solve problems

Posted October. 01, 2013 05:04,   


President Park Geun-hye strongly urged the members of her cabinet and senior presidential secretaries to take confident response to recent government affairs, saying, “Your determination to and confidence in your ability to resolve all problems enable you to resolve the issue in the end.”

President Park made the remarks at a meeting of the senior presidential secretaries on the day, saying, “The problem will not be resolved just because you avoid criticisms.”

Her remarks are targeting Health and Welfare Minister Chin Young, who recently offered to resign, saying that “I am not sure if I will be able to persuade the public” on a revision bill to the basic pension, which was announced lately. Her remarks are interpreted as her bid to encourage the cabinet members to continue to work confidently rather than being taken aback due to the latest incident.” Senior Presidential Press Secretary Lee Jung-hyun said, “There will be no cabinet reshuffle.”

Park’s remarks indicate that she recognizes Chin’s resignation as a matter of a civil official’s attitude, rather than a matter of conscientiousness. Thus, 10-year relations between Park and Chin, which they started as the then main opposition Grand National Party Chairwoman and her chief of staff, have effectively come to an end.

On the proposed plan to link the basic pension with the national pension, which Minister Chin had opposed, Park proactively refuted, saying, “The basic seniority pension is not sustainable because it entails continuously mounting fiscal expenditures, irrespective of maturing of the national pension, and hence a new basic fund that is linked with the national pension should be (newly) introduced.” She went on to say, “The government designed the pension in a way that rather minimizes the burden on future generations including those in their 30s and 40s, and the longer one’s subscription to the national pension, the more he or she will receive pension payments.”

Accepting Chin’s resignation on the day, Prime Minister also said, “Tendering resignation irresponsibly ahead of such important events as the regular National Assembly and parliamentary inspection of the government, constitutes avoiding responsibility as a cabinet member, who is accountable for state administration.” Chung added, “This is a matter of responsibility and sense of duty, which has nothing to do with personal belief or conscientiousness,” in blasting Chin.