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Diehard curses haunt U.S. pro sports

Posted August. 03, 2013 07:41,   


In American sports, “curse” is rampant. The most widely known is “Bambino’s Curse.” Bambino is a nickname of “Babe Ruth,” a legendary slugger in U.S. pro baseball. It is said that Harry Frazee, then the owner of the Boston Red Sox, sold Ruth to the New York Yankees at a bargain price of only 150,000 U.S. dollars in 1918, which spelled the curse. The Yankees had never win the World Series title until then, and after recruiting Ruth, the team won the championship 28 occasions, and the Red Sox never won the World Series title for as long as 86 years until 2004 because the latter was trapped in Bambino’s Curse.

“Billy Goat’s Curse” at the Chicago Cubs is way more serious. The term “Billy Goat’s Curse” is tabooed among staff at the Cubs. The Cubs have never won the World Series title for 105 years since 1908.

The Chicago White Sox, the Cubs’ neighbor team, also struggled due to “Black Sox Scandal,” but overcome the trap by winning the title in 2005. Black Sox Scandal refers to an incident, in which While Sox players were embroiled in a gamble, and agreed to intentionally lose the World Series game against the Cincinnati Reds in 1919. The White Sox has never won the championship since then, but it was able to get over the jinx in 2005. However, the Cubs are still experiencing from “Billy Goat’s Curse.”

“Billy Goat’s Curse” was reportedly spelled when a fan, named Billy Sianis, was checked by baseball park staff as he tried to bring a goat with him into the stadium at a World Series game between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers at Wrigley Field in 1945. Sianis had bought a ticket for his goat as well. When he was blocked from entering nonetheless, Sianis turned away, after cursing “The Cubs will never win from now on.” As he remarked, the Cubs have repeatedly failed to advance to the World Series. The team has advanced to the National League finals three times, but only suffered humiliations. In 1984, it had two wins that were followed by three straight losses to disqualify for the World Series. In 2003, when the team was close to confirming its advance to the Series with three wins and two losses, its left fielder was in a position to catch a foul ball, but a fan named Steve Batman snapped the ball, instantly reversing the mood of the game. Eventually, the team had three wins and four losses, and experienced once again Billy Goat’s Curse.

In a bid to overcome Billy Goat’s Curse, the Cubs recruited last year as its new president Sear Epstein, who helped the Boston Red Sox end Bambino’s Curse. Nevertheless, the Cubs have made no progress in performance thus far. Cubs fans lament that “Would I ever have a chance to see the Cups win the World Series title during my lifetime.” The team has been struggling due to the curse, but it is still enjoying the luxury of enthusiastic royal fans. On Saturday, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin from Korea will play his Wrigley Field debut game versus the Cubs, which is still reeling from the curse. Meanwhile, the Dodgers won the first match against the Cubs 5-4 on Friday, and thus continued its 11-away game winning streak.