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Former singer sentenced to prison in rape case

Posted April. 11, 2013 08:22,   


Goh Yeong-uk (photo), 37, who has been prosecuted for the alleged sexual assault on teenage girls, has been sentenced to five years in prison and 10 years of wearing an electronic anklet with a location-tracking device.

In the final trial on Wednesday, Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office also ordered to disclose and notice personal information of Goh for seven years and attend sexual abuse treatment programs for 100 hours. Goh has become the first celebrity wearing an electronic anklet since the device was adopted. The device has been in use since September 2008 when a revised electronic anklets law was enforced.

The court judged that Goh’s claims were hard to believe based on his continued denial of allegations and found guilty of all the appeals by the prosecution. Goh has been prosecuted for committing rapes and sexual molestations for five times against teenage girls including two 13-year-olds and one 17-year-old in his car or studio between 2010 and December last year.

“The testimonies of each victim are dependable. The victims are teens lack of discernment while Goh is a physically strong adult. The judge took into account that all the crimes were committed when only two people, Goh and one of the victims, were present at crime scenes and despite no violence or threat involved, Goh forcefully raped or sexually molested the victims against their will,” said the judge. So far, Goh claimed that no physical violence against the victims was involved while admitting that he touched the victims’ thighs, tried to kiss them and had sexual intercourse and aural sex with the victims.

The judge also said, “Goh committed crimes against minors by actively using his position as a celebrity, then tried to shift the blame to certain victims. Though he is a first-time offender and has reached agreement with certain victims, he deserves to be punished severely due to the seriousness of the crime.”

Wearing the electronic anklet has been added since Goh had the similar targets and techniques, committed another sexual crimes while being under criminal investigation by prosecutors, and has a seriously twisted view on sex and appears to be lack of self-discipline, according to the judge.

“Sexual crimes against children and teenagers pause serious challenges for the victims to grow as well-rounded adults. Considering that sexual crimes are increasing at a rapid pace, the court bears the responsibility to sentence severe punishment against such criminals,” Chief Judge Seong Ji-ho said.

Goh, in blue prison uniform, did not show any reaction when the sentence was read. Gwak Seong-hwan, Goh’s lawyer, said, “I’ll hear Goh’s opinion first, and the decision will be made soon whether we will appeal.”