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Future Japan Emperor enters ordinary elementary school

Posted April. 09, 2013 06:34,   


Japan`s likely future Emperor Prince Hisahito made headlines in Japanese media when he entered an ordinary elementary school. Hisahito has become the first Imperial family member in the postwar period to break with the tradition of attending Gakushuin Primary School. Some said he created a new, soft image for the Imperial Household in the Heisei Era and has become closer to the people.

According to Japanese media Monday, Hisahito, son of Prince Akishino who is the Emperor`s second son, graduated a nursery affiliated to Ochanomizu University, and moved on to the affiliate elementary school Sunday. The school will call him by his name without adding the title and will not give him special treatment.

Yomiuri Shimbun quoted a source from Imperial Household Agency saying, " Akishino and his wife think that it will be an important experience for the future Emperor to learn with children in various environments to understand the public`s thoughts."

Hisahito is nephew of Crown Prince Naruhito and is in third line to succeed Emperor after his father Akishino. He is the first son of the royal family over the past 40 years, and the likely future Emperor. Before he was born, there were discussions on female succession considering Princess Aiko, first daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito, but this wasn`t realized. Recently, there are claims that Crown Prince Naruhito should give way to his younger brother Akishino and Hisahito. This is why Hisahito`s entering an ordinary school is gaining keen attention by Japanese media.

Gakushuin Primary School has been perplexed as Hisahito turned away. The school was established in Kyoto in 1847 in the late Edo period as the school for royal family children and was moved to Tokyo in 1884, becoming an Imperial institution. All royal family children went to this school including Crown Prince Naruhito. But due to its outdated education content, the school has fallen behind from the time. University courses have already been ignored by many young royal families.