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North Korea threatens preparation for `all-out war`

Posted December. 13, 2010 11:19,   


North Korea said over the weekend that it is prepared for escalation of inter-Korean tension into "all-out war."

The state-run (North) Korean Central News Agency quoted a statement by the spokesman of the National Peace Committee of Korea, a North Korean organization responsible for propaganda against South Korea.

On the recent meeting between the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South and the U.S., the committee said, “It is a very risky plot to wage war to militarily attack us. It is like a declaration of war to begin an all-out war through military escalation,” adding, “The situation on the Korean Peninsula is moving close to the phase of all-out war due to the provocations of the U.S. and war-like South Korea.”

“It is obvious that the mobilization of South Korea’s aircraft, warships and missiles and the U.S. deployment of state-of-the-art war equipment will not be limited to a local war but expand to an all-our war.”

“Another all-out war on our soil will not be confined to the Korean Peninsula,” it added.

Since its shelling of Yeonpyeong Island, the North has threatened countries surrounding the peninsula such as Japan, saying, “An all-out war between the two Koreas will affect peace and safety in Northeast Asia.”

“We will mete out brutal punishment for those who make provocations and invade us to destroy their strongholds. By doing so, we will protect the dignity and safety of our nation.”