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3rd Launch of Naro-1 Space Rocket Set for Next Year

Posted August. 16, 2010 11:21,   


Korea will make its third attempt to launch its space launch vehicle Naro-1 next year.

The Education, Science and Technology Ministry and Korea Aerospace Research Institute said Sunday that Korea and Russia agreed last week to re-launch the Naro-1 at the third bilateral meeting of the Failure Review Board in Daejeon.

Considering the time needed to identify and correct the problem that led to the failure of the second launch in June, the third attempt is expected to happen next year.

At the meeting, Korean and Russian experts discussed detailed analyses of the causes of the failure presented at the second meeting of the review board. They agreed to conduct additional tests to find the most plausible causes and to have each side attend the tests.

After the additional tests, the board`s fourth meeting will be held under an agreement between the two countries. Yoo Gook-hee, head of the space development department at the ministry, said, “The exact timing of the third launch will be determined after the fourth meeting of the Failure Review Board.”

The cost of the third launch is unlikely to be high but will rise if additional functions are added to a satellite loaded on the launch vehicle.

Yoo said, “We won’t pay additional fees to Russia and Russia will pay for the fuel needed for the launch vehicle,” adding, “Korea will pay little to maintain a launch pad.”

“Additional costs will be necessary if a satellite has observatory functions that were not added in the first and second launches,” he added. “But this is in the discussion stage.”