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‘Yemen Suicide Bomber Was Al-Qaeda Teen’

Posted March. 18, 2009 03:39,   


Yemeni media yesterday said a 19-year-old man belonging to Al Qaeda was the suicide bomber who killed four Korean tourists and a Yemeni guide Sunday.

The Daily Yemen Post said police found the teen’s dead body and his ID at the site.

The terrorist was identified as Ali Mohsen al-Ahmad, who was born in the Al Salam district of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Police said he was recruited by Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen in his hometown, and served as an armed member of the terrorist group.

A Yemeni security official said on condition of anonymity, “The initial investigation found that Al-Ahmad arrived at the site before the tourists went there, and waited for them by chewing narcotic qat leaves.

Al-Ahmad seemed to have calmed his nerves before the blast by chewing qat, which causes slight hallucinations. The addictive substance is banned in most countries, but many Yemenis chew young leaves.

NewsYemen said Al-Ahmad approached the Korean tourists when they arrived, saying he wanted to take a picture with them. He then triggered the bomb wrapped around his body.

The blast was so powerful, the sound was even audible four kilometers away from the site. Parts of the suicide bomber’s body along with shrapnel from the blast were found a kilometer away from the scene.

NewsYemen said the bomber tried to keep children away from the area before setting off the bomb.

Yemeni police also obtained a video message assumed to have been videotaped before by a terrorist believed to be Al-Ahmad, but did not release details.

They are also investigating who ordered the bombing and how many were involved.

No group has claimed responsibility for the blast.