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Marathon `Dream Team` Assembled on Jeju Island

Posted December. 20, 2008 03:57,   


Promising young marathoners including Ji Yeong-jun (National Police Agency), Jeon Eun-hoi (Samsung Electronics) and Seo Haeng-jun (Konkuk University) ran 35 kilometers on Jeju Island early yesterday morning. Their female counterparts such as Lee Eun-jeong (Samsung Electronics) and Lee Seon-yeong (Andong City Hall) ran 1,000 meters seven times at Jeju Sports Complex.

Korea’s biggest island has caught marathon fever. The nation’s most promising marathoners are training to participate in the 2011 Daegu World Athletics Championships. The Korea Athletics Federation formed a marathon team of 14 male and seven female marathoners and sent them to Jeju Island Dec. 5.

The team will compete at the World Marathon Championships.

Members of the men’s team are Ji Yeong-jun, Jeon Eun-hoi, Seo Haeng-jun and Lee Myeong-seung and Eom Hyo-seok of Samsung Electronics;, Jeong Ho-yeong (Kolon); Lee Myeong-gi (Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation); Na Yeong-san (Konkuk University); Kim Je-gyeong (Cheongju City Hall); Lee Du-haeng (Haenam County); and Hwang Jun-hyeon and Yuk Geun-tae (Korea National Sport University).

Kim Yeong-chun and Jang Shin-gwon were initially chosen to the team but had to start their mandatory military service Thursday.

The women’s team comprises Lee Eun-jeong, Lee Seon-yeong and Chae Eun-hee of the Korea Water Resources Corp.; Kim Seong-eun and Park Ho-seon of Samsung Electronics; Jeong Bok-eun (Cheongju City Hall); and Lim Gyeong-hee (Suwon City Hall).

Samsung Coach Oh In-hwan will lead the men’s team and fellow Samsung Coach Im Sang-gyu the women’s.

Marathoners are trying to reduce body fat and build up their bodies since most of them gained weight after the National Games and a long-distance relay between Seoul and Busan. They are developing endurance through cross country, long and slow distance and other endurance programs and strengthening muscular power via running 200 and 300 meters uphill.

Coach Oh said, “Our members are strengthening their fundamentals to return to their own teams in January and further strengthen their capabilities.”

The joint training of the national squad ends Dec. 30, but they will be invited to more training in February after finishing a month of practice with their own teams. “The ultimate goal of our members is to check their capabilities at the half marathon competition in Inuyama, Japan, on Feb. 20, and set a new individual record at the 2009 Seoul International Marathon and 80th Dong-A Marathon March 15,” Oh said.