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Ruling Party Floor Leader Blasts Lee Administration

Posted July. 30, 2008 03:15,   


The floor leader of the ruling Grand National Party yesterday blasted the incumbent administration, listing a number of grievances in expressing disappointment with the government.

“I’m totally frustrated and don’t understand why we changed the administration,” said Hong Joon-pyo.

He also criticized Cabinet members and presidential secretaries for their unwillingness to take initiative and convince the public.

“They cowardly hid behind the president when the candlelight protests raged in the country,” Hong said. “They kept making excuses to protect themselves. No one was willing to take the lead to solve the problem.”

Hong also blasted prosecutors for conducting lukewarm investigations. “If a subpoena has been issued a couple of times for the KBS president, an arrest warrant should come next under law,” he said. “And a search warrant should be issued for the (MBC TV magazine) ‘PD Notebook’ if it refuses to submit requested materials.”

“How dare they exercise government power when they’re easily swayed by public opinion and broadcast networks,” said Hong. “I have no clue why prosecutors exist.”

On reform of public corporations, Hong said, “The presidential office is dumping its proposed reform policies under the brand name ‘MB (Myung-bak) administration’ to each minister. The country is in a state of anarchy if the government and the nation are run by people too afraid to do anything to avoid criticism and who just dump their responsibility on each minister.”

The presidential office issued no official response to Hong’s comments. One presidential source, however, said, “Was it really necessary for the ruling party’s floor leader to say the government is in a state of anarchy?”

“Does the ruling party, which has failed to reach agreement on the formation of National Assembly committees despite having 172 parliamentary seats, have the right to belittle the government?”

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