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LG Electronics Unveils New Refrigerators

Posted April. 18, 2008 03:21,   


“With sleek designs and remarkable technology, we will win the heart of housewives in the world.”

LG Electronics, the nation’s second largest electronics manufacturer, announced Thursday its grand plan to lead the global kitchen culture by promoting its refrigerator brand “Dios” and unveiled its 50 new “Art Dios” refrigerators at LG Twin Tower in Yeouido, Seoul.

“The identity of Dios comes from the combination of its sleek designs and smart technology. We will continue to develop products that satisfy customers’ hidden needs and step up marketing in 30 countries,” said Lee Yeong-ha, CEO of LG Electronics’ Digital Appliance Company.

The key technology of the new lines lies in a “save cooling” method that maintains an optimal air, temperature and humidity for food storage. The new technology helps reduce the temperature gap inside the refrigerator below 1.5 degrees Celsius and keep humidity of more than 85 percent. In particular, it achieves 99.4 percent of air tight rates for vegetable boxes, keeping food in the boxes fresh for more than ten days.

The company also boasted the energy saving capacity of Dios, saying, “We developed products that substantially save electricity. Ours are 17 percent more energy efficient than those of our global competitors.”

Dios designs have also sophisticated over time.

Western painter Ha Sang-lim and formative artist Hahm Yeon-ju have joined hands with world-renowned artists, such as Steven Meyers, Bernard Ott, Judith McMillan, to come up with more refined designs.

The front panel of the new refrigerator features Ha’s characteristic flower patterns and the flower petals are fitted with light-emitting diodes (LED), providing indirect lighting.