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GNP Up and Running Against Possible Con Works by Chris Kim

GNP Up and Running Against Possible Con Works by Chris Kim

Posted November. 19, 2007 03:11,   


The Grand National Party (GNP) has been waging a war against any negative ramifications Chris Kim’s extradition might cause to its candidate Lee Myung-bak. The party has been holding a series of press conferences and releasing documents to highlight the unreliability of Kim.

The party has also raised the suspicion that Chris Kim may have cut a deal with the United New Democratic Party. It has been pressing the prosecution for a fair investigation.

“Kim’s voluntary waiver of arraignment equals a guilty plea” –

GNP spokeswoman Na Kyung-won defined Chris Kim’s waiver of his right to an arraignment hearing as a “guilty plea to all the charges” he faces.

The party was on high alert against any “unfiltered” leakage of Kim’s allegations to the public during the hearing.

GNP counsel Koh Seung-duk told reporters at GNP headquarters in Seoul that, “Chris Kim hinted that he has a document showing Mr. Lee [Myung-bak] involved in his foul play. But the instrument was totally faked. Let’s say it’s true. Why didn’t he produce it during his three-year long legal battle in the U.S.? He would have done that if he could, wouldn’t he?”

GNP floor leader An Sang-soo lashed out at Kim’s lack of remorse, saying, “Kim should have said he was sorry for his victims and the agony he caused to them. On the contrary, he smiled at TV crews and reporters, exclaiming, ‘Wow.’ What kind of remorse do we believe this con artist has? He cheated hundreds of people out of millions of dollars!”

“He did all the dirty tricks in the book. How could he show that blatant calmness when facing a harsh prison term? He must have some backup plan and secret deals. I also doubt his intent to come back at such a time. The election is just about a month away,” continued An, casting suspicions over his alleged deal with the United New Democratic Party.

“Law does not count on con artists” –

Another GNP congressman, Hong Joon-pyo, now in charge of the GNP taskforce in Chris Kim’s case, called on the DA’s office to conduct a fair, unbiased probe. Rep. Hong argued, “Chris Kim has forged passports seven times and corporate documents 19 times. Further, he has founded 22 paper companies to cover up his crimes. The law does not count on this type of con artist, and sound lawyers won’t act on his allegations.”

The GNP lost the 2002 presidential election due to political accusations leveled by Kim Dae-up, but later those allegations were found to be total lies. Thus, the party is trying its best to prevent any similar repetition of events this time around.

Hong continued his pressure on the DA’s office, saying, “The DA’s office promised to announce its interim investigation results prior to November 25, when each presidential contender has to finish his registration. How could it be possible and why do they have to announce the results by that time? A fair and unbiased prosecution would announce the results sometime prior to December 6, the official deadline for indicting Kim. It doesn’t have to say anything about Mr. Lee [Myung-bak].”

Hong also warned the retiring Attorney General Jeong, “He should not repeat his mistake again at a future press conference upon retirement. He hinted at some foul play and our candidate’s involvement in the past. His biased and politically motivated comments will smear the integrity of the entire prosecution.”

Some GNP members suspect a “plea bargain” type of deal between Chris Kim and the prosecution. They believe that Kim promised to cooperate with the DA’s office for leniency in exchange for dumping some of the charges on GNP candidate Lee Myung-bak.