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Independent Counsel Likely in Jeong Yun-jae Probe

Posted October. 17, 2007 03:20,   


The Grand National Party (GNP) announced yesterday that it will introduce a bill to appoint an independent counsel to thoroughly investigate the corruption scandal involving former presidential aide Jeong Yun-jae, 44, and Busan developer Kim Sang-jin, 42. Doubts remain over how Kim won government construction projects in the past.

GNP floor leader Ahn Sang-soo, presiding over a party meeting at the National Assembly, urged the prosecution to look into various scandals and deals involving Kim and Jeong. For example, Kim won six government contracts when President Roh was marine affairs minister. Until Roh came back as president, Kim had not won any other contracts. Then, under the Roh administration, Kim won another 13 contracts. Further, Kim’s company won an additional 261 government contracts amounting to 364.7 billion won without any competition. The main opposition party is also looking into how Kim’s small company could take out loans amounting to 433.2 billion won.

Rep. Ahn further explained, “Should the DA’s office try to push the truth under the rug, we have to appoint an independent counsel.”

Previously, presidential spokesman Cheon Ho-seon alleged, “Roh had nothing to do with Kim. Kim’s company as subcontractor won the contracts when Roh was minister.”

The Busan DA’s office, which has investigated the Jeong-Kim scandal, confirmed that they would apply for a habeas corpus warrant again today on Jeong.

The prosecution questioned Jeong yet again yesterday and grilled him about various issues, such as his suspicious embezzlement of a charity organization’s fund for kickbacks.

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