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Lee Myung-bak Pledges Fair Presidential Election

Posted September. 21, 2007 07:43,   


Lee Myung-bak, the presidential candidate of the Grand National Party, instructed his party members, “Do not offer or accept illegal campaign funds, no matter what.” In response, the GNP plans to announce a measure against “illicit funds, blind money, and financial misuse” on Friday.

Rep. Lee Bang-ho, the secretary-general of the GNP, said on Thursday that Lee recently told him in a private meeting, “I trust that you will handle the practical matters of the election properly, but please promise me one thing, that you will never accept any kind of financial offer, even if someone insists.”

“We must make sure that we do not spend any money outside the boundaries of the election law,” Lee Myung-bak was quoted as saying by Lee Bang-ho.

In this regard, Lee Bang-ho said, “The party will never take or spend illicit funds.”

Having received the request from presidential hopeful Lee, Lee Bang-ho relayed the message to GNP lawmakers of the local constituencies and the steering committee chairpersons of the Party Member Consultative Meeting. “The party will not provide any financial support other than what is allowed under the election law,” Lee Bang-ho said.

GNP Secretary-General Lee told reporters on Thursday, “We aren’t too worried about election funds because we will spend campaign funds within the budget and a large portion of it will be reimbursed by the government.”

The GNP plans to spend less than 46.5 billion won, the maximum allowable campaign funds under the election law, in the upcoming presidential election. The National Election Commission provides 11 billion won upon registering as a presidential candidate and 29 billion won is refunded after the presidential election. The party will cover the remaining costs from its membership fees and other revenues.