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Seoul National University Disqualifies Professor Applicants

Seoul National University Disqualifies Professor Applicants

Posted August. 22, 2007 06:20,   


For the first time ever, the college of engineering at Seoul National University disqualified all of the 40-plus candidates who applied for professor posts for the second semester of the academic year.

Kim Do-yeon, dean of the SNU College of Engineering, said yesterday, “We were planning to employ new professors for the second semester as of September 1, but disqualified all of the candidates because of their insufficient academic achievements.”

The school originally intended to employ seven new professors (including one endowed professor) for the departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil, Urban and Geosystem Engineering, and Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

Kim said, “More and more gifted engineering majors want to go to overseas universities or research institutes, rather than work for domestic institutes,” adding, “The quality of professor applicants have been going down every year, which makes it hard for us to select qualified professors.”

The school had selected three times the number of those who would be finally employed and conducted in-depth interviews. Since 2004, however, it has only conducted such interviews with double the number of final employees.

However, it reportedly even had difficulties selecting candidates for interviews for some of its departments this time.

Kim said, “World-class universities and research institutes ‘scout’ talent, but SNU is not in such a position. The school is far from an attractive workplace not only because of its rigid personnel system, but because of the educational and family environment it offers.”

He also added, “The first thing the school should do to attract talented professors is introduce an improved personnel system in which compensation is determined by research accomplishments.”

Meanwhile, all of the eight applicants for dean for the college of engineering are professors at the college. None of the applicants came from outside the school.