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Unreliable Service Providers

Posted August. 09, 2007 05:58,   


When a Korean named Park (42), who immigrated to Australia, returned to Korea in eight years, he was recently notified that he is now a credit delinquent.

Mr. Lee (24), who was just discharged from the military, was surprised to find that he was registered a credit delinquent when he was shopping for a mobile phone.

The reason why the two became delinquent was that they did not pay their subscription fees for high speed internet, to which they have never subscribed.

The Cyber Terror Response Center of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency investigated customer information leakages for telecommunications providers “K” and “H” and found that there are more than 3,000 people like Park and Lee.

Why so many victims? It is because competition for subscribers among service providers is so fierce that they did not thoroughly check personal information of the subscribers.

According to a police investigation, on more than one million occasions, service providers notified their customers of their delayed payments without checking their identity.

Service providers “K” and “H” even stole their customers’ identity or leaked it to subcontractors.

The police booked 26 employees of “K” and “H” and 40 employees of subcontractors without physical detention in violation of laws of the information telecommunication network and national registry.

According to police, the two service providers registered 730,000 subscribers onto their high speed internet services with their portal sites without their victims’ consent.

“H” organized a database by using 50 million pieces of customer information before selling the database to subcontractors providing additional telecommunications services.

A police investigation found that those subcontractors did telemarketing by using “H”-provided information and shared the proceeds with “H.”

In the process of their crime, the sub-contractors produced victims’ access ID and PIN information.

Police said, “ID and PINs should be made only by subscribers, but those sub-contractors arbitrarily made them. Those fake IDs and PINs were leaked and illegally used to pay for online services.”

Police added, “Customers need to thoroughly go over their telecommunications bills to see if they are being charged for services they did not use.”

Meanwhile, “H” said, “We are holding ourselves responsible for not managing our sub-contractors properly. So we will compensate those wronged as soon as customers’ complaints are received.”