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[Editorial] Pro-North Progressives

Posted January. 11, 2007 07:17,   


It is obvious that Apple Computer and a mouse pad are, respectively, not made of apples or mice. Similarly, the Solidarity for Progress, whose preparatory committee was launched two days ago, also seems to lack actual progress. The group, which is made up of numerous pro-Pyongyang National Liberation factions of the student movement such as the Solidarity for Unification and the Federation of Korean University Students’ Councils which have frequently staged violent protests against a free trade agreement (FTA) between Korea and the U.S. and the relocation of the U.S. military base to Pyeongtaek.

Progressivism regards highly of equality and welfare and emphasizes the intervention of the government as a means to realize them. However, it does not deny the value of freedom or economic development. Progressives advocate equal opportunity, not mechanical equality which produces identical socio-economic outcomes.

Progressivism and conservatism are complementary political philosophies which should compete for national interests and the welfare of the people. The FTA, which will strengthen national economy by removing trade barriers on the U.S market, the biggest market in the world, is not against the philosophy of progressivism. Extremely violent demonstrations are, however, against the philosophy of progressivism.

Still, pro-North Korean factions, which blindly worship the dictatorship of North Korea while denying the legitimacy of the South Korean government, are on the rise, claiming themselves as progressive organizations. Although they welcome North Korea’s development of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, they hardly pay any attention to starving North Korean people deprived of basic human rights. Yet, they still call themselves progressive forces. They are far different from the left factions of France or China. They are odd left factions unprecedented in the world and pseudo progressive bodies that insult true progressives.

Conservative and progressive officials including Park Se-il, the chief director of the Advanced Korean Peninsular Foundation, Park Won-soon, the executive director of the Beautiful Foundation, had a gathering yesterday to pledge reconciliation and mutual understanding. They promised to each other that they will respect other people’s opinions and arguments, and will never tolerate violent or illegal collective activities at any circumstances.

In contrast, the Solidarity for Progress is disgracing true progressives. If the Solidarity for Progress is an organization that praises North Korea’s dictatorship, try to bring chaos in South Korea under the shelter of North Korea and threaten the government with aggression, something has to be done now.