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Cheong Wa Dae Named in Exchange Probe

Posted October. 13, 2006 06:52,   


Regarding to the nomination of the inspector of the Korea Exchange, the matter arousing public controversy of parachute appointments, it was reported that the Cheong Wa Dae office of Personnel Management not only suggested a guideline for appointing an inspector, but also recommended a favorable figure.

It is causing a considerable stir since this overthrows Cheong Wa Dae’s argument of denying its involvement in the process of the inspector nomination of the Korea Exchange.

Park Byeong-won, a deputy secretary of Ministry of Finance and Economy, stated in the press conference on October 12, “Because the Personnel Management Office prefers a candidate whose background is Busan to one used to work with ‘Mofia’ (the former Ministry of Finance), I met the head of nomination committee Professor Kwon Young-joon of Kyung Hee University and also delivered it (the recommendation) on the phone.”

“I talked to Cheong Wa Dae and asked them to ‘tell me any suitable person,’ and they recommended Kim (an accountant from Busan). That’s why I talked about the appointment of him with Professor Kwon,” he added.

On July 27, when Korea Exchange union announced strike opposing the practice of parachute appointments, former spokesperson for Cheong Wa Dae Jeong Tae-ho said, “Cheong Wa Dae has nothing to do with the appointment of inspector of Korea Exchange, which is beyond our discretion.”

As for the Kwon’s interview in which he argued Cheong Wa Dae office of Personnel Management suggested three requirements for the candidates: A figure from a specific region and one who favors the government’s policy who is not a former ‘Mofia’ agent, the spokesperson Yoon Tae-yeong said, “Although a regular discussion about the appointment was held, it is not true that there was a coercion over the matter.”

Meanwhile, raising opinion of external presidential coercion, Kwon, who resigned from the head of the candidate nomination committee, retorted, "If putting pressure upon the committee through a government official is not coercion, what (else) is? If my accusation of external coercion is not true, Cheong Wa Dae can sue me."

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