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More Controversy Over Korean Empress

Posted October. 03, 2006 06:58,   


On September 29, the 30th generation crowning ceremony was held for Lee Hae-won, a descendant of the royal family. The ceremony is faced with opposition from three royal family-related organizations: “organization for royal family,” “organization for restoring royal family,” and the “Jeonju Lee royal family organization.”

Right after the coronation ceremony, online café “organization for royal family” on the Internet portal site Daum was flooded with postings such as, “The royal family is drifting away from the public” and “Illegitimate crowning ceremony made the public dumbfounded.”

The organization was created in 2001 by those hoping for a symbolic restoration of the Korean empire. Bombarded with angry responses, it issued a statement on September 30, saying, “The coronation ceremony was pushed ahead with by an illegitimate group called the ‘Korean empire royal family association’ after coaxing the 88-year-old empress into engaging in the ceremony. This does not consider the opinion of the royal family. The association should dissolve, taking the responsibility for mocking the royal family.”

The organization for restoring the royal family stated, “The association failed to build consensus among the royal family and forced the crowning ceremony for Lee Hae-won. Such an approach that drives a wedge within the royal family should be avoided.”

Lee Jong-yeop (32), operator of the organization, said, “Last July, those who opposed the coronation of Prince Lee Hae-won took the lead in establishing the Korean empire royal family association.”

The Jeonju Lee royal family organization also issued a statement on October 2, criticizing the association for having a succession ceremony for Lee Hae-won at a time when Lee Won holds legitimate lineage.

Korean empire royal family association’s representative Lee Sung-joo said “The ceremony was initiated by Prince Lee Hae-won who hoped to make the royal order clear. The succession process does not need to ask for approval from other organizations if it secured agreement of imperial descendant with proven royal family lineage.”