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Posted September. 22, 2006 05:59,   


“The Horizon Festival (picture)” where you can walk on the golden fields of Gimje waiting for harvest began on September 20, and will continue until September 24.

It is being held at Byeokgolje, where the first irrigation agriculture developed during the Baekje Dynasty, over a millennium ago. The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness about agriculture, especially on rice. Upon entering the hands-on village, footpath village, and memory village, various events unfold, such as making honey rice cakes by harvesting and threshing rice. Horizon observatory, fishing, and scarecrow performances entertain. There’s also an “Arirang” literature archive showing Gimje in the novel “Arirang” by author Jo Jeong-rae, and Golden Fields Cosmos road where you can rent bicycles and inline skates.

To get there, go out at Seogimje exit from Seohaean Expressway, or Gimje exit for Honam Expressway, and follow the board signs from there. From Gimje Station or Bus terminal, shuttle buses are operated to the festival site. For further information, visit the Gimje homepage at festival.gimje.net, or Gimje city hall homepage at www.gimje.go.kr.