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SNU’s “Korean” MBA Program Could Launch in 2006

Posted September. 12, 2005 07:02,   


Reports indicate Seoul National University (SNU) will offer a Korean-type MBA program as early as next year.

According to Seoul National University’s final proposal on the establishment of its MBA program obtained by this newspaper on September 11, the SNU College of Business Administration will select 200 students with work experience of about 5 years at businesses starting next September and produce MBAs who are knowledgeable to the peculiarities of Korea.

The Korean-type MBA is a two-year regular program and half of the classes will be taught in English. Students can learn second languages such as Chinese and Japanese. They also can take part in overseas internship programs. The estimated enrollment fee is 15 million won, which is relatively high. The minimum credits required to qualify for graduation are 54.

This program is a reflection of the general consensus among Korean companies that MBA graduates from foreign prestigious universities are often unable to understand Korean companies well enough, and lack efficiency as a result.

Classes will use not only management examples of foreign companies but also management examples of Korean companies.

The SNU College of Business Administration said, “Initially, only 200 will be selected as students, but in the long-term, that number will be increased to 400. We will secure 100 as faculty members.”

Ahn Tae-sik, an official at the SNU College of Business Administration, said, “Although the enrollment fee is a bit expensive, it is much more affordable than taking MBA courses in foreign countries.” He added, “If we offer an education that reflects Korea’s special characteristics, we will be able to attract many of those who are going overseas to get MBA degrees.”

The SNU College of Business Administration will submit its final MBA program establishment proposal this week to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development through the university’s administration office.

Se-Jin Jung mint4a@donga.com