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Deans from 95 Universities in 22 Countries Assemble

Posted May. 04, 2005 23:38,   


Korea University held its “University Presidents’ Global Forum” event at Dynasty Hall in the Shilla Hotel from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on May 4 in commemoration of its 100th anniversary.

About 350 people, including 84 deans from 95 universities in 22 countries, and 105 deans from domestic universities, as well as 50 personnel from Korea University, attended this event.

Notably, deans from three of Asia’s finest universities, including Dean Jung Woon-chan from Seoul National University, Dean Katsuhiko Shirai from Japan’s Waseda University, and Dean Ji Baocheng from China’s Renmin University attended this event.

Deans from American, British, French, and German universities also attended.

In his congratulatory remarks, President Roh Moo-hyun stated that “universities should be institutions that should not be restricted to the good of their respective countries, but should pursue the universal values of mankind,” and that “if the world’s intellectuals put their heads together, many of the problems that the world faces will be resolved.”

Following the speech, Dean Euh Yoon-dae of Korea University stated in his congratulatory remarks that “the future of mankind depends on what values are adopted by universities and on what paths of research they undertake,” adding, “I hope that through this opportunity, we may form an information network that effectively meets the new challenges of our future.”

The forum’s topic was “the role of universities in the era of the knowledge-based society.”

Acting as keynote speaker, Dean Martha Piper of Canada’s University of British Columbia stated that “universities cannot survive without drawing on their respective strengths by specializing in humanities, law, engineering, and other subjects,” adding, “Through specialization, our universities also shoulder the responsibility of cultivating universal global leaders and citizens of the world.”

After the keynote speech, the deans from domestic and foreign institutes divided themselves into five groups and shared their opinions on global management and higher-level education.

Following the conclusion of the forum, the deans moved to the Hyatt Hotel located at Hannam-dong,, Yonsan-gu, Seoul, to attend a dinner reception presided over by the mayor of Seoul, Lee Myung-bak.

The deans are also scheduled to attend the 100th anniversary celebration of Korea University on May 5.

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