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Chairmen: “Laws on Temporary Employment Should Not Backtrack”

Chairmen: “Laws on Temporary Employment Should Not Backtrack”

Posted March. 10, 2005 22:42,   


The chairmen of the five major economic organizations, including Chairman Kang Shin-ho of the Federation of Korean Industries, demanded on March 10 that “the National Assembly should not be swayed by pressure from the labor sector regarding the government’s pending legislation about temporary employment, and should take care of it according to the original plan laid out by the assembly in April.”

Kang, together with the chairman of the Korean Chamber of Commerce, Park Yong-seong, Chairman Lee Soo-young of Korea Employers Federation, Chairman Kim Jae-cheol of the Korea International Trade Association, and Chairman Kim Yong-gu of the Korea Federation of Small Business got together at Chosun Hotel in Seoul and made the announcement.

The chairmen of the five organizations emphasized that “the government should not take backward steps regarding the legislation because of threats and pressure from the labor sector,” through their statement titled “The Stance of the Economic Circle in Regards to the Government’s Legislation of Temporary Employment.”

They also asserted, “The threatening attitude of labor and its plans to call a general strike on April 1 that targets the National Assembly and the government should not be allowed.”

Young-Hae Choi yhchoi65@donga.com