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KPF Chairman Park, “I Will Resign When Reappointment is Refused”

KPF Chairman Park, “I Will Resign When Reappointment is Refused”

Posted December. 28, 2004 22:56,   


The Korea Press Foundation board recommended to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on December 28 the appointment of the foundation’s current chairman, Park Gi-jung, for a new term of three years. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism culture media director Shin Yong-un responded, “Although it will take time to deal with administrative process, we have already ‘politically’ refused the appointment,” and acknowledged the refusal.

Speaking with reporters on December 27, the minister of culture and tourism, Jung Dong-chai, revealed the reason behind the refusal, saying, “It is a personnel principle of the participatory government not to continuously appoint umbrella group leaders.” However, there have been previous reappointment cases, such as KOTRA chairman Oh Young-kyo and Korea Water Resources Corporation chairman Goh Seok-gu. The amended Korea Press Foundation Laws that the minister of culture and tourism himself endorsed in October also allow for the reappointment of a chairman (Article 10, Clause One). Minister Jung, speaking on this matter, claimed, “As the participatory government’s personnel codes are not stipulated as law but as administrative acts, it possesses as much power as the law.”

But several ministry authorities expressed their bemusement after the reelection, saying it is not a breach of the “Reappointment Prohibition” principle, but that “the real reason is that Cheong Wa Dae does not want him (Chairman Park).”

Minister Jung Dong-chai confessed on December 27 that he directly recommended former KBS chairman Suh Dong-gu, a press policy advisor for President Roh Moo-hyun, for the presidential candidate position and declared, “I should think it is obvious that a foundation receiving government grants should appoint government code-approved personnel.”

After the appointment refusal, the Korea Press Foundation council will be expected to appoint a new chairman. The foundation is already in the process of selecting a non-standing presidential trio on December 30. After the appointment recommendation, Chairman Park stated, “It was my original wish that the procedure be legal, so I will not take legal actions to bicker, even if the appointment is refused and I have resigned.”

Eun-Ryung Chong ryung@donga.com