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No Mu-Hyun’s 45.3 Percent Versus Yi Hoe-Chang’s 34.6 Percent

No Mu-Hyun’s 45.3 Percent Versus Yi Hoe-Chang’s 34.6 Percent

Posted April. 03, 2002 09:01,   


Kim Yeun-Su, the special press aid of the New Millennium Democratic Party (NMDP) presidential primary candidate Yi In-Jae urged to the No Mu-Hyeon election camp to expose the fund source and office operations status on April 2 saying, `NoSaMo, the groups loving No Mu-Hyeon, is engaging in various illegal election campaigns while establishing several dozens of regional offices. `

Special aid Kim also displayed e-mails sent to Representatives Yu Je-Geu and Song Hun-Seok saying, `(Members of NoSaMo) flooded Internet announcement board with criticism on certain candidate and threatening mails are sent to the incumbent Representatives.`

Also he raised a suspicion of a camouflaged transference of candidate No saying,` Candidate No moved from Banyeo-Dong Heunde-Gu, Pusan City to Milyang-Gun Kyoungnam Province to change the names of son and daughter in 1979, and then removed to the original address after 34 days.`

In response to that, president of NoSaMo, Myoung Gae-Nam retorted through a press conference, `We have occasions of temporarily using personal offices of members in certain regions, but it does Not make sense to mention enormous fund or other things. Candidate Yi and special aid Kim Yun-Su should publicly apologize for their slander on NoSaMo`, which indicated that he may pursue legal actions when they do Not apologize.

Additionally candidate No explained on the camouflaged transference issue, `Renaming is a right of all citizens, but the large judicial courts at that time were reluctant in granting renaming` adding, `This is Not a thing to criticize on moral ground.`

In other related story, candidate Yi played offensive on ideological issue again saying, `Candidate No opposed privatizations of industries including power generation sector and this kind of person will be surely defeated in the presidential election.` In response, candidate No said, `I basically favor privatization, however I think we should proceed cautiously on privatization of utilities industries such as gases and power generations.`

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