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[Editorial] The Things Which Special Envoy Lim Dong-Won Should Keep in Mind

[Editorial] The Things Which Special Envoy Lim Dong-Won Should Keep in Mind

Posted April. 02, 2002 08:43,   


There is high expectation from special envoy Lim Dong-Won who is leaving for the North tomorrow.

It is an opportunity that can bring new change in Korean Peninsula.

In order for special envoy Lim to achieve such aim, at first, he should tell what he has to tell to national leader Kim Jeong-Il clearly and fairly, such as `How is the current international situation? What are the demands of U.S.? What is the stance of Korean government? `, likewise, I hope he exchanges frank opinion.

It should be a dialogue that can help national leader Kim Jeong-Il to perceive reality.

Secondly, special envoy Lim should secure transparency regarding his duty.

Special envoy is bound to do some secret activity.

There must be some part, which can`t be revealed in the activity of special envoy Lim due to promise or faith with the North.

However, the more there are opaque things, many negative rumors can float and it can become a factor in spoiling relationship of the South-North.

Thirdly, special envoy Lim should not cling to the achievement excessively.

If he has greediness that he will return to Seoul with visible achievement, some possibility of unfair `exchange` might occur.

Seeing surrounding conditions in Korean Peninsula or the timing, it is the North who needs dialogue of the South- North more.

Nevertheless, if special envoy Lim clings to the achievements excessively, he could get dragged by the intention of North and, finally criticism like giving out; reading the face, etc. can be heard.

The most important thing is the attitude of the North.

The North should not try to use special envoy Lim`s visit as temporary measure to escape from crisis.

It should create an opportunity to improve current difficulties thoroughly.

If it is so, special envoy Lim`s visit would surely be an opportunity to lead relationship of the North-South.