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Rising tensions ahead of the PPP convention

Posted June. 18, 2024 07:51,   

Updated June. 18, 2024 07:51


With just a week left until the registration deadline for candidates in the People Power Party convention, the pro-Yoon (pro-Yoon Suk Yeol) faction has begun to target former emergency committee chairman Han Dong-hoon actively. On Monday, "True Yoon" (genuine pro-Yoon Suk Yeol) Rep. Lee Cheol-gyu publicly criticized Han, stating, "'Odeahan' (after all, Han Dong-hoon as party leader) is merely a frame and an insult to the party members," dismissing him as "just a mid-level prosecutor." The pro-Han (pro-Han Dong-hoon) faction responded, calling the criticism "base." "It is inappropriate for the convention to become a divisive event rather than an opportunity to unite the party," Rep. Jang Dong-hyuk told reporters.

As the registration deadline looms, the lineup of candidates for party leadership is becoming clearer. Some voices within the pro-Yoon faction suggest that Rep. Na Kyung-won could be a formidable rival to Han. Na recently remarked, "The chance for our party to regain public trust and support and to be reborn as a vibrant opposition lies in the Fast Track and Cho Kuk resignation struggles," emphasizing, "We must become stronger, more cohesive, and more resolute." The day before, she attended an event for the "Na Kyung-won Special Advisory Group." Meanwhile, Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo, once considered a potential contender for party leadership, announced his decision to withdraw from the race, declaring, "The political strife, the power struggle for the party leadership, and the privatization of power are not my political mission."

The activities of the party leadership candidates are intensifying. Na attended a support meeting near the People Power Party headquarters in Yeouido. One attendee noted that many are anxious to prevent Han Dong-hoon from becoming the leader. "During the Moon Jae-in administration, which dared to label many party members and supporters as 'descendants of dictators,' I boldly proclaimed that our conservatives are descendants of miracles," Na said, appealing to the traditional conservative base. Within the party, there are also rumors of an alliance between Na and the pro-Yoon faction.

Hye-Ryung Choi herstory@donga.com