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A man attempted suicide with a pistol in a park in Jamwon-dong, Seoul

A man attempted suicide with a pistol in a park in Jamwon-dong, Seoul

Posted October. 12, 2022 07:45,   

Updated October. 12, 2022 07:45


On Tuesday, a man in his 50s was found shot near a park in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Police believe the man was attempting to end his life with a gun and are investigating the exact circumstances.

The Seocho Police Station in Seoul briefed that a man in his 50s was found shot in the head on the road near a park in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu around 5:36 a.m. on the same day and was taken to the hospital. He is in critical condition as the bullet went through his head.

According to the police, a 38-caliber pistol loaded with live ammunition was also found next to him. It is presumed that he attempted to take his own life with this gun.

The man is not a serviceman or police officer, and the gun is said to have been kept by his deceased father. His family said in a police investigation that the gun was in possession of his father, who served in the military. The pistol was an older model from several decades ago and had an official serial number engraved on it.

Under current laws, possessing a firearm without a permit is illegal. "There is no case where it is possible to possess a firearm just because you are a veteran," an official from the Ministry of National Defense said. "Since this gun is not registered with the police station, it is not legal no matter how A got a hold of it. We are using the serial number on the gun to check with all gun management agencies, including the Army Headquarters, to find out how he came to possess the firearm.”