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Power of unfamiliar spaces

Posted July. 11, 2022 08:23,   

Updated July. 11, 2022 08:23


British author Joanna Walsh wrote in her book titled “Hotel” that it is not an easy job to maintain a high level of craftsmanship at home as we have some other areas that require that level of skillfulness. She confessed that it takes enormous energy and effort to do two difficult tasks at the same time. According to the author, normally, one partner in a couple pays care to their house and women are more likely to be the ones who take charge than their male partners. Then, the other can feel happy and secure to see how things work out in family, which, though, is not taken care of by him. This is how housework is done, she wrote.

As the author’s married life ended up in a failure, she kept moving from a hotel to another. She made another beginning of her life by describing what it is like to be in an unfamiliar hotel. Hotels are a symbolic place for women because they do not need to play a role as a mother or a wife during their stay. This may also explain why hotels are never like home.

Just as the author did, I have occasionally visited hotels where I feel a strange sense of comfort that comes from the fact that I am not home regardless of how long I stay.

Hotels have special significance to women. While staying in the hotel room, they can be free from housework, a set of chores from childcare to cleaning that they work their fingers to the bone to handle, which has only been taken for granted not to mention any reward or appreciation made. The author elaborated on her experience of turning from the lady of the house into a guest in the hotel.

The path walked by a woman has been loaded with, which has automatically ended up in a failure. Confessions deep from within can be easily poured out in an unfamiliar place. Turning 35 years, I sometimes feel a sense of security when I talk to strangers just as Joanna Walsh opens her heart in the hotel room. Likewise, I have made one of the deepest confessions to a traveler that I encountered on the opposite side of the world. This only demonstrates all the influence that spaces can have on us.