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COVID-19 fund to be provided to those with below median income

COVID-19 fund to be provided to those with below median income

Posted June. 25, 2022 07:26,   

Updated June. 25, 2022 07:26


Starting from July 11, a smaller number of COVID-19 patients will receive government funds for living cost and paid leaves than those eligible according to the current standards. The government intends to reduce a financial burden as the COVID-19 pandemic shows a stable trend.

A new income condition is to be added on July 11 to determine which COVID-19 patients are provided with living cost assistance, according to the Central Disaster Management Headquarters on Friday. As of now, regardless of income levels, a family with one confirmed case receives 100,000 won while the one with two or more patients earns 150,000 won. However, only families below the standard median income of 100 percent will be eligible for government subsidies for living cost. No adjustment will be made to how much the government offers.

The eligibility for these government funds is determined based on the sum of health insurance premiums paid by all members of a family with any of them infected with COVID-19. If a total amount is below a certain level, which differs according to the number of family members and insurance buyer types, the family in question is subject to government support. In case of a family of four, if all the four members pay for the employee health insurance, the monthly total of health insurance premiums has to be 180,075 won or below to make the family eligible; if all of them are protected by the local-subscriber health insurance, the standard is 187,618 won; and if the family has both these types of subscribers, 182,739 won is applied. Health insurance subscribers can check out their premiums and seek consultation on the website of the National Health Insurance Service and at the agency’s call center.

The government will reduce the range of subsidies on paid leave cost for SMEs that offer paid leaves to any of their workers infected with the coronavirus. Only those with fewer than 30 employees on the payroll will remain eligible. As of now, all SMEs are subject to this program. This aid program provides them with a daily amount of 45,000 won up to five days, which will remain unchanged as well. As high as 75 percent of SME employees work at businesses with fewer than 30 on the payroll.