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In death, 10-year-old boy gives new lease of life to four

In death, 10-year-old boy gives new lease of life to four

Posted March. 29, 2022 07:51,   

Updated March. 29, 2022 07:51


A 10-year-old child full of curiosity and enthusiasm towards life passed away after donating his organs to four children. The Korea Organ Donation Agency (KOD) said on March 28 that Cha Ha-ram (age 10, photo) of Dangjin City in South Chungcheong Province died after donating his heart, liver, and both of his kidneys at the Korea University Hospital in Ansan.

Ha-ram had passed out after an abrupt seizure from a cold on Christmas last year. Though he was immediately taken to the hospital, he did not gain consciousness. When he became brain-dead, his family considered of Ha-ram’s heart beating in the body of other person.

Cha was a bright and lovable child, youngest of the family. He got along well with his older sister, three years older than him, much to the reassurance of his parents who worked. “Ha-ram would always run to me and hug me saying ‘I love you, Dad’ whenever I came home,” said Ha Tae-kyeong (age 42), his father.

Ha-ram loved to explore caves after family trips to Hwa-am Cave and Baek-ryeong Cave in Gangwon Province. He memorized all military ranks and loved to play soccer or bike with his friends. “Ha-ram passed out right before his third cave trip,” said Ha-ram’s father. “We hope that Haram’s dreams can be achieved through organ donation.”