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Papyeong Yoon clan celebrates Yoon’s victory

Posted March. 11, 2022 07:50,   

Updated March. 11, 2022 07:50


“Yoon Seok-youl, the 35th generation of Papyeong Yoon. Congratulations on your presidency.”

Fifty or so banners were seen hanging across the small town of Byeongsa-1-ri, Noseong-myun of Nonsan City in South Chungcheong Province, the hometown of Yoon Gi-joong, the professor emeritus of Yonsei University and the father of South Korean President-elect Yoon Seok-youl. It was the members of the clan gathering for Papyeong Yoon and the towners that hung the banners in celebration of Yoon’s victory in the presidential election.

While he was born in Bomoon-dong, Seoul, the president-elect always stressed that he is the “son of Chungcheong Province” because his father was born in this small town of South Chungcheong and went to Gongju Agricultural High School (changed to Gongju Life Science High School).

“The ancestors of the president-elect were patriots who practiced the virtues of sharing and justice, and their teachings rubbed off on him from his father,” said Yoon Yeo-doo, the president of the gathering of Papyeong Yoon’s. “When Yoon Seok-youl was in public service, he said his loyalty lies not in a person but in his country, and he promised to bring justice and common sense to our country during his election campaign. We believe that his precepts are reflected on his deeds and that he will make good on his own words.” While a town-wide festivity had been considered, it was cancelled to take more attention to the spread of Covid-19 and the overnight ballot counting, which was extremely close.

“President-elect Yoon is a man of integrity, so we expect him to wade through difficulties with ease,” said Yoon Yeo-shin, the village foreman of Byeongsa-1-ri. “We hope he will build a strong national defense and take good care of ordinary folks.”

Myung-Hun Jee mhjee@donga.com