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China may face backstab N. Korea if it fails to take action

China may face backstab N. Korea if it fails to take action

Posted February. 07, 2022 07:57,   

Updated February. 07, 2022 07:57


The UN Security Council meeting was held on Friday to come up with measures to respond to North Korea’s intermediate range ballistic missile issue but adjourned after concluding no outcomes. It was the third Security Council meeting to be held this year on account of North Korea’s missile firing, but no agreement was reached as China and Russia vetoed against the joint action request made by more than half of the Security Council members. China did not even denounce North Korea’s provocative actions and urged the U.S. to exhibit policies and actions that accommodate North Korea’s concerns.

There were some expectations that the recent meeting, in which IRBM range of 5,000 kilometers was discussed, would be different from the outcomes of the previous two meetings. Back in 2018, the UN Security Council had come up with proactive measures to North Korea’s nuclear/missile threats, adding North Korean institutions and groups to its sanction list. Despite North Korea’s threats that have reached the highest ever in the last four years, the Security Council has not even issued a single statement. China said that it would send a copy of a press statement draft back to its country for review, which may not happen as well.

Nine countries including the U.S. issued a joint statement saying that “the silence of the UN Security Council would only embolden North Korea, violating the resolutions and continually threatening international peace.” Japan, which is not a member of the Security Council, joined the statement, but South Korea was not involved. The statement, however, is simply an expression‎ of concern as North Korea is already making threats with nuclear tests and ICBM. This behavior is happening as it is encouraged by China, tolerated by Russia and Korea turning a blind eye.

The loss of power by the UN Security Council, which has been known as the keeper of international peace and safety, is partially due to the power struggle between the U.S. and China as well as armed conflict between the U.S. and Russia. North Korea is certainly taking advantage of this new Cold-War like situation. However, if we fail to put a stop to North Korea’s continuing nuclear threats, it will eventually develop into a massive problem for China as well. China should not forget North Korea’s past launching of nuclear/missile threats whenever Xi Jinping tried to host major international events just a few years ago.