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Frequent adjustments to COVID-19 policy creates public confusion

Frequent adjustments to COVID-19 policy creates public confusion

Posted January. 19, 2022 07:49,   

Updated January. 19, 2022 07:49


There was some confusion on Tuesday, the first day the COVID-19 vaccination pass was lifted from hypermarkets, department stores and movie theatres.  

A woman in her 60s that visited a department store in Gangnam District, Seoul asked the employee monitoring entrance why she had to show her vaccination pass when it was not required. She had been confused with registry requirements, which were still in effect. The woman decided to enter her information manually instead of by mobile. “Around five to six people ask the same question in an hour,” said the department store employee. “Many people become confused, perhaps due to the frequent change in government policy.”

Citizens who have not been fully vaccinated or whose vaccination pass has expired welcomed the removal of the pass. The National Museum of Korea put up a sign that read, “Show your QR code or verify through Safe Call for entry” instead of “Vaccination pass required.” Lee (age 32), who is not vaccinated, said that he was happy to visit, after failing to enter Tuesday because he had been confused about the date of vaccination pass removal. Yoo (age 28), who is not vaccinated as well, said that she felt at ease as she is no longer restricted from cinemas or hypermarkets.