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A woman pockets 7.2 billion won by defrauding a wealth man

A woman pockets 7.2 billion won by defrauding a wealth man

Posted October. 01, 2021 07:30,   

Updated October. 01, 2021 07:30


“My stepfather bequeathed 14.5 billion won to me. Could you lend me money so that I could pay inheritance tax to the IRS?” Yeom (38) who worked as an interpreter and translator, showed a certificate of inheritance done in English to Kim, a businessman whom she was acquainted with for several years, in April 2014. Yeom had spoken of her stepfather as a man of considerable wealth, which was an outright lie. The very existence of a stepfather was a made-up story, and the certificate of inheritance was a counterfeit.

On Thursday, the 29th Criminal Collegiate Division of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Yeom to nine years of imprisonment on the charge of obtaining 7.19 billion won by fraud from Kim under the disguise of an advance payment of inheritance tax and living expenses from 2010 to 2019.

According to the court, Yeom reportedly led a lavish lifestyle, such as purchasing 37 foreign-made premium cars, with 5 billion won she swindled out of Kim for 10 years by fraud and with forged documents.

“Yeom took advantage of her friendship with Kim, a wealthy businessman, by defrauding Kim with numerous lies and falsehoods, thereby cheating him out of a considerable sum of money,” said the court. The court further stated that Yeom was making shambling excuses that the money was remuneration for translation and interpretation services she had provided, showing no sign of regret.