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Torch of humans

Posted September. 04, 2021 07:35,   

Updated September. 04, 2021 07:35


You may have seen a scene on any hit audition reality show such as "Miss Trot” where an unknown singer starts with the first line of a song and you feel surprisingly touched by an unfamiliar melody that sounds as if you had listened to it before. Then, you come to realize what a song that touches your heart really means.

Here is a poem that you may have not read before but comes across more familiar and friendlier than any other poetry. It only takes a few seconds for the lines to capture your heart just as you fall in love with someone at first glance. Yes, let me introduce you to Go Jae-jong's "Torch of humans.”

The backdrop to this poem is a completely new place but it looks like somewhere that you have been to. It feels as though since you visited there, it had been hidden at the back of your heart and you had just been reminded of it. If someone else asks me if it is due to the wrong memory, I would say that the miracle of this poetry has worked out. Pieces of my world scattered across my mind are put together to be reconstructed with novelty. It is an undoubtedly joyful experience to be guided by a poem through a tour.

Additionally, look at how beautifully every single part of its language and analogy is woven into one piece of art – a moonlight that glitters on bamboo blades in the backyard and a glow of light that escapes beyond the fence during a nighttime stroll around the house. All these sceneries were found by our ancestors but have since become obscure. A skim of this poetry invites the feel of fall to our heart by reminding us of a series of scenes that has never been seen in person but part of us, and that we are not entitled to but already have in mind. Here comes the season.