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DanceKang takes the Internet by storm with K-pop dance covers

DanceKang takes the Internet by storm with K-pop dance covers

Posted August. 12, 2021 07:25,   

Updated August. 12, 2021 07:25


With so much content flooding the web nowadays, it is not easy to attract people’s attention on the Internet. But these Korean siblings have caught the attention of celebrities as well as internet users with 30-second K-pop covers.

TikToker and YouTuber DangKang (22, real name Lee Kang-bin) has over 300,000 followers. Even though he does not have a million followers, he gets collaboration requests from celebrities. Unlike other dance covers, DanceKang mimics detailed facial expressions and eye contacts of singers. Plus sassy camera moves in his videos are his secret to popularity. DanceKang was contacted from HyunA’s agency in February and the two shoot a dance collaboration video of “I’m Not Cool,” which went viral on social media. After that, he made dance videos in collaboration with celebrities, including ITZY, WJSN, OH MY GIRL, fromis_9, MostaX, and SOMI.

There are all the elements that symbolize K-pop in DanceKang’s videos. He even lip syncs to every song in his videos. “Dance covers should be exactly the same as original. It is as if you are possessed,” DanceKang said. Another key element behind the success was the shooting ability of his sister Jin Jeol-mi. Camera moves in DanceKang’s videos, such as 360-degree rotation and close shots remind viewers of those in actual music shows. All of the videos are filmed in one take by Jin Jeol-mi using a cell phone. “I did not major in video editing. Since I watch so many music videos, I cannot stand boring videos.”

It was not all about talent either. DanceKang would sometimes practice dance moves for two hours for several days for a one-minute video. When collaborating with singers, he organizes everything in advance from movement to timing by making a pilot video. “I was so nervous to meet HyunA that I fell ill for a few days after meeting her,” said DanceKang with a smile. “But I try to hide my nervousness and prepare everything perfectly in order not to trouble artists.”