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To those who have had a tough year

Posted December. 26, 2020 08:51,   

Updated December. 26, 2020 08:51


Not all global pop stars are popular in Korea. The case in point would be The Rolling Stones. The English rock band, which earned and still enjoys as much popularity as The Beatles, boasts both fame and reputation, having fifth highest-grossing music concerts in the world. However, it is not the case in Korea. The Rolling Stones is just a band famous for being famous in Korea, which makes it practically impossible to have concerts here.

The word “madness” was always used to describe Nick Cave in his early years since he tried progressive music based on funk and blues. No wonder his music, which sometimes sounds like noise, never made it to the list of “The Pop Songs Koreans Love.” But as he got older, his music style changed. Like a prodigal son, who is back and standing in front of the mirror, he sings more ballad songs in his low baritone voice. But those ballads were not typical that the title of the album he released at the age of 40 was “Murder Ballads.” Critics used the expression‎ “blood-red beauty” to describe his ballad songs. His ballad songs, however, were definitely not easy to be accustomed to.

Perhaps the most familiar song among his ballads would be “Into My Arms.” The song, which was featured on the movie “About Time,” is a love song dedicated to someone he wishes to come into his arms. Cave sang the song at a palace in London, the U.K. in June this year. He sat in front of the piano in a deserted concert hall at Alexandra Palace. There was no audience. He performed 22 songs with the piano for over 80 minutes. The video of his performance was later released under the title, “Idiot Prayer.”

“Idiot Prayer” is an album made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cave was scheduled to have a world tour this year after releasing his 17th album last year. But when the pandemic stopped everything, he chose to fill the void with his voice and the piano. It is hard to know what is on his mind but the title of the album, “Idiot Prayer” helps you understand the intention of the album. Cave, who lost his son in an accident in 2017, sings and prays for people, who lost loved ones in the COVID-19 pandemic, and the world, which had a tough year. That is why “Into My Arms” resonates with people. It is not just a love song but a comfort and prayer for the world.