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Bullet and threatening letter sent to S. Korean embassy in Tokyo

Bullet and threatening letter sent to S. Korean embassy in Tokyo

Posted September. 04, 2019 07:40,   

Updated September. 04, 2019 07:40


As the relations between South Korean and Japan are worsening, Japanese police are investigating threats targeting the South Korean embassy in Japan.

According to the South Korean embassy on Tuesday, a mail containing a bullet and a letter was delivered to the embassy last Tuesday. The mail was addressed to former South Korean Ambassador to Japan Lee Su-hoon and there was no information regarding whom it was from. “I’ve got rifles and I’m hunting Koreans,” read the letter, according to an official of the embassy. The letter also said Koreans should leave Japan. “The letter wasn’t very coherent, but its gist was that the letter writer was targeting Koreans,” said the official.

An allegedly executive member of a right-wing organization was arrested by the police for causing damage to property by punching a mailbox of the South Korean embassy. Anti-Korean assemblies have been held every week these days by Japanese right-wing organizations in front of the South Korean embassy.  

Tokyo-based weekly magazine Shukan Post published an anti-Korea feature article with a title that says “we don’t need Korea” in its recent issue. The 10-page feature had provocative headlines, such as “Sayonara to the annoying neighboring country,” and “Focus on despising and cutting off South Korea, rather than anti-Korea,” as well as an article that says one in 10 South Koreans cannot control anger to an extent that requires medical treatment based on a report published by the Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association four years ago. “The pathology named South Koreans who can’t control anger,” the article read.

Writers Fukazawa Ushio and Yoo Mi-ri who have been often writing for the weekly magazine criticized the recently published article via social media, saying, “It’s out of line.” “It’s an article simulating the complex relations between South Korea and Japan from different perspectives,” Shukan Post said on Monday night upon receiving many complaints via social media networks. “However, it lacked consideration. We apologize and accept different opinions with seriousness.”