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Hyundai Rotem wins 335.8 billion won tram order from Poland

Hyundai Rotem wins 335.8 billion won tram order from Poland

Posted June. 13, 2019 07:49,   

Updated June. 13, 2019 07:49


Hyundai Rotem Co., South Korea's major railway system and plant equipment maker, said Wednesday it has won a 335.8 billion won (284 million U.S. dollars) contract to export 123 trams to a Polish company operating the tram network in Warsaw. A tram is a rail vehicle that runs on tracks along public urban roads. As trams produce less pollutants and are believed to be effective in reducing fine particles because they are powered by electricity, rather than fossil fuel, they are recognized as environmentally friendly means of public transportation in Europe, Japan, the United States and Hong Kong.

The trams, which will be operated in the Polish capital, will be manufactured in South Korea and shipped to Poland in the second half of 2021. Hyundai Rotem said its trams will consist of five-module bi-directional and uni-directional units and three-module bi-directional units and that they will be designed to run at a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. The five-module and three-module models can accommodate up to 240 and 160 passengers, respectively. The trams will also be able to run more than 120 kilometers without external power supply.

Hyundai Rotem said that it won high marks for its record of winning orders from Turkey and its suggestion of ways to lower power consumption through the use of energy-efficient engines and optimized designs. The company supplied 38 trams to Izmir, Turkey in 2014 and 18 trams to another Turkish city of Antalya in 2015.