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Chipmaking industry calls for tougher punishment for technology leaks

Chipmaking industry calls for tougher punishment for technology leaks

Posted May. 18, 2019 07:22,   

Updated May. 18, 2019 07:22


The Korea Semiconductor Industry Association requested the National Assembly for an amendment to “the act on prevention of industrial technology leaks,” which calls for toughening of punishment for leaks and infringement of the nation’s core technologies.

According to sources in the semiconductor industry on Friday, the association recently submitted a position paper to Rep. Hong Il-pyo of the main opposition Liberty Freedom Party, who heads the parliamentary Trade, Industry, Energy, SMEs and Startups Committee, and Rep. Lee Jong-bae of the same party. The paper addresses redefinition of organizations deemed to be possessing national core technology, leaks and infringement activities, and people subject to the rules; strengthening of protection of national core technology information, and expansion of protective measures; and toughening of punishments for leaks and infringement of national core technologies.

The nation's core technologies and human resources in major industries, such as semiconductors, displays and automobiles, have been flowing out to foreign countries including China, causing mounting damage to the industries, but discussions about amendment of the act have been pending at the National Assembly, and have made little progress.

“Information on national core technologies possessed by government-affiliated organizations should be made confidential, and the signing of confidentiality agreement restricting professionals handling such technologies from moving to other companies should be made obligatory,” the association said in the position paper. “Notably, Korea should introduce strong disciplinary measures, including introduction of penalties for leaking national core technologies to foreign countries and relative infringement.”

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