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Issues of plagiarism raised for movie `Assassination`

Posted July. 31, 2015 23:03,   


An allegation has been made that the story of the movie “Assassination” was plagiarized. The movie has gathered over 5 million viewers in nine days since its release.

“The movie `Assassination` has copied a significant portion in plot and characters of my novel `Korean Memories` (photo) that was published 13 years ago,” said novelist Choi Jong-rim (aged 64) at an exclusive interview with the Dong-A Ilbo. “I would file for an injunction to ban the film to the Seoul Central District Court and charge the production company (Caper Films), director Choi Dong-hoon, co-author Lee Gi-cheol with a crime, demanding 10 billion won (approx. 8.5 million U.S. dollars) in damage.”

“Some of my friends told me that the story of the movie seems to be based on your novel. I was taken aback when I saw the movie in person. The plot of my novel and synopsis of the movie coincide almost completely,” Choi said. “In the movie, Kim Gu discusses with his key advisors and forms a team of selected snipers, sending them to Joseon, which is identical with the setting in my novel. The story of heroine Hwang Bo-rin who assassinates key persons of Japan and pro-Japanese key men is very similar with my story as well other than her name was changed to Ahn Ok-yoon.”

“Except for designing the story, I spent some two years in searching for relevant data, a single year in on-site survey and five and a half years in writing itself, all of which was stolen in the blank of an eye," the writer said. Few years back, I visited several production firms with the scenario of my novel, during which, I think, the story was leaked.”

“The movie story of the film that independent fighter Kim Gu plans an assassination scheme with Kim Won-bong and sends snipers to Joseon is historical facts, based on which the movie added a little bit of fiction,” CEO Ahn Soo-hyeon of Caper Films refuted.

Choi, the only Korean who finished Paris–Dakar Rally, brought an action for damage against cartoonist Heo Yeong-man, contending that Heo infringed a copyright of his novel “Diary in Sahara.” The court ruled partially in favor of Choi, granting him 24 million won (approx. 20,513 dollars) in damage.