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`Love calls from US and China are not dilemma but blessing,` says foreign minister

`Love calls from US and China are not dilemma but blessing,` says foreign minister

Posted March. 31, 2015 07:25,   


“Korea is being courted by the U.S. and China both due to Korea’s strategic values. This situation is not dilemma or a headache, but a blessing. Korean government will make efforts to develop the Korea-U.S. alliance and enhance the quality of Korea-Chinese relationship,” said Foreign Minister Yoon Byung-se on Mar. 30. In an opening speech for the annual meeting of foreign missions` chiefs held at the ministry office building in Seoul, Minister Yoon named resolving the issue of Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), resumption of Korea-China-Japan foreign ministerial meeting, and joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as representative cases where Korea’s high-level diplomatic power has been exerted.

“Sensitive issues such as row between Korea and Japan over the matter of history must be addressed with such attitude. Simple perspective based on one or two dimensions cannot solve complicated multi-dimensional diplomatic issues. Hence, Korea doesn’t need to stick to such simple views,” said Yoon. The foreign minister’s remarks are a full-frontal counter-argument against the criticism that ‘Korea is missing an opportunity while walking on a tight rope between the U.S. and China,’ over the issue of THAAD deployment and joining AIIB.

Minister Yoon added, “Some local critics portray South Korea as suffering a side blow in a fight between big powers or sandwiched in between them, based on the mindset from the 19th century or cold-war era. I hope those critics need to explain their stance in a dignified and proud manner, rather than having defeatist, self-deprecating and toadyish attitude. Irresponsible criticism without deep thoughts is not worth paying attention to. We just need to walk our own way steadily.”

The event that combined meetings of Korean foreign missions` chiefs and consul generals, which was held in 10 years, was the biggest scale ever with 175 out of 183 invited guests (ambassadors and consul generals) attended. Korean Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen and some of guests couldn’t attend due to affairs in the stationed countries.