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Basketball teams with good system emerge as winners this season

Basketball teams with good system emerge as winners this season

Posted March. 24, 2015 02:00,   


Coach Yoo Jae-hak of the Ulsan Mobis, the winner of this season’s professional basketball league, puts more emphasis on team play than individual players. The basketball team follows promises that are thoroughly prepared both in offense and defense.

Individual players have clearly defined roles according to opponent teams. Its teamwork unique to the team is strengthened through role allocations and intensive training. For this reason, players who join the team for the first time say they have difficulties adapting themselves to its culture.

When asked to describe his team in a single phrase ahead of the playoff, Yoo answered a “team armed with a good system.” "System" literally means a "collection that combines factors according to certain principles to achieve the necessary functions." The efficient integration of roles by "six men," led by veteran guard Yang Dong-geun, Hahm Ji-hoon, Moon Tae-young and Ricardo Ratliffe, is the source of power that enables coach Yoo to use various tactics.

In the National Basketball League in the U.S. as well, teams that bank on teamwork rather than those focusing on individuals’ skills have made strides in this and last seasons. The Eastern Conference-leading Atlanta Hawks have not produced superstars traditionally, but have achieved good performances based on systematic teamwork nevertheless.

The defending champion San Antonio Spurs is nicknamed the "origin of system basketball." Coach Gregg Popovich, who is leading the team for the 19th year, has benefited from "system basketball," in which he enhanced the efficiency of offense and defense headed by Tim Duncan, a 39-year-old veteran center, and widely utilize members in the bench, rather than presentation of glaring basketball.

San Antonio, which is ranking sixth in the Western Conference, won 104-95 Sunday over Atlanta that has similar team color. After suffering a three-game losing streak, Atlanta has now 53 wins and 17 losses, narrowing its gap versus second-ranked Cleveland to eight games. Beginning in the first quarter on Sunday, San Antonia displayed pressure defense from the point of passing in order to seal off Atlanta’s "system basketball." Atlanta saw its path for passes blocked, and had no choice but to stage simple offenses centered on players’ individual skills. By overcoming its slump at the early days of the season, San Antonio is now tracing just one game behind the Los Angeles Clippers, which ranks fourth in the Western Conference, with 44 wins and 25 losses.