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Shilla Dynasty’s gilt-bronze conical cap excavated in southern Korea

Shilla Dynasty’s gilt-bronze conical cap excavated in southern Korea

Posted October. 31, 2014 08:24,   


Gilt-bronze conical cap made during Shilla Dynasty in the late 5th century was excavated in Uiseong County of North Gyeongsang Province. This is the first time that a gilt-bronze conical cap with an ornamental stick is discovered in the Shilla territory outside Gyeongju.

Cultural Heritage Administration said on Thursday, “Seonglim Cultural Property Research center, which excavated the relic, discovered about 1,000 artifacts including the gilt-bronze conical cap from ancient tombs in Geumseong mountain in Uiseong County of North Gyeongsang Province.” The four graves that were investigated this time consist of a main area where the dead body is laid and an auxiliary area where grave goods are buried. Based on its structure, the ancient tomb has a wooden coffin mounted by stone.

The gilt-bronze conical cap discovered this time has an ornamental stick on top of the cap, which is shaped like a paddle. Beside the gilt-bronze conical cap, excavated relics included a diadem ornament, a silver belt, big ring ear rings, a glass necklace, a long sword with triangle-shaped silver handle, and a sword with three leaf-shaped ornaments inside a ring handle, and gilt-bronze saddle, implying that the owner of the grave was from the highest class.

“This is a rare case where a conical cap and a diadem ornament were excavated together," said Park Kwang-yeol, president of Seonglim Cultural Property Research center. "This discovery shows that a political power existed in Uiseong area, which was relatively independent to the Shilla central government.”