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Park Young-sun to head NPAD`s emergency leadership committee

Park Young-sun to head NPAD`s emergency leadership committee

Posted August. 05, 2014 05:43,   


Park Young-sun, floor leader of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, was elected head of the party`s emergency leadership committee Monday to take responsibility in resolving the party`s crisis in the aftermath of its loss at the July 30 by-elections. Park was selected unanimously at the general assembly after talks on the composition of the emergency leadership committee and nomination of its head.

The party`s emergency leadership committee is likely to last until the party convention will be held between the end of January and March, which means Park will exercise authority for five to seven months.

At a greetings speech at the general assembly, Park said, "I recalled General Yi Sun-sin`s remarks that `sitting alone under a lighted candle, I took thought of the present state of our nation’s affairs; I found the tears rolling down my cheeks, ` and Pope Francis` message that `I believe in the mercy and patience God showed through pain. ` These are similar to what we are facing now and what we should overcome."

At her Twitter account, Park posted lyrics of a poem reading, "Birds fly to head for direction they set and deer climb the mountain even it rains." The position she just accepted to take is a poisoned chalice since failure can lead to harsh criticism of mal-responsibility. She appears to have expressed strong will that she will not be swayed by criticism from inside and outside the party.

Emeritus professor Han Sang-sin of Seoul National University said, "The party has no prospects if Park steers the emergency leadership committee." Han headed the presidential election assessment committee for the former Democratic United Party after its loss in the 2012 presidential election.

At a radio program, Han said, "In order to do away with the past, people directly responsible for the loss of the 2012 presidential election should be excluded."

He added, "While serving as the head of presidential election assessment committee, I had a chance to talk with Park and was shocked. Park showed a stubborn stance saying she has nothing to take responsibility of and that she did her best. She made verbal attacks for about 30 minutes saying I acted like a conquer army."