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Pres. Park not to tolerate attempts that cause social divisiveness

Pres. Park not to tolerate attempts that cause social divisiveness

Posted November. 26, 2013 00:36,   


President Park Geun-hye warned Monday, "There are many things happening that cause confusion and divisiveness. I won`t tolerate or overlook these things that let people`s trust fall and cause divisiveness."

President Park made the remarks at a meeting with senior secretaries at the Presidential Office. She urged strong response to recent remarks made by Catholic priest Park Chang-shin who is a member of the Catholic Priests` Association for Justice.

Park stressed that we need not only state-of-the-art weapons, but also people`s patriotism and unity to defend our country. "North Korea is threatening to turn the Presidential Office into sea of fire, let alone regretting its provocation on Yeonpyeong Island. However, there are many things happening that break the morale of our soldiers, and make their sacrifices go be wasted."

With marking the third anniversary of Yeonpyeong firing, President Park once again stressed national security. "Though the government is making efforts to build the basis of peaceful reunification, what is more important is to strengthen security to protect our territory and the lives and property of the public," adding, "If North Korea attempts surprise attacks again, we should respond sternly and make it never attempt them again."

An official at the Presidential Office said, "The (priest`s) remarks are not in a political arena but a threat to national security," adding, "The president who has to protect constitution appears to have judged not to tolerate this. The messages were written directly by President Park."

On the priest`s remarks, Prime Minister Chung Hong-won at an emergency senior official meeting strongly criticized, saying, "This is an act of destroying the Republic of Korea and siding with the enemy," adding, "Priest Park`s remarks not only speak for North Korea`s logic, but also advocate North Korea`s inhumane provocations that claimed the lives of innocent residents. We can never sit by and he should take responsibility as a matter of course."

President Park brought up a new topic at the meeting, saying, "As I recall the past nine months of national affairs, I believe that what we need the most at this point is to accumulate social capital of trust among the public."

President Park said, "Mistrust and confrontation are continuing in our society and resulting serious social loss and waste of national power," adding, "It is important that the political sector, which is the mirror of the public, should build a firm culture of observation of law and order and compromise. Adjusting different opinions and making reasonable outcome and then accepting the result is what democracy wants."