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Chinese media hype about President Park

Posted June. 29, 2013 05:20,   


Chinese media are highlighting South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s ongoing visit to China, paying attention to even minor issues such as her dining, dresses and talking.

The International Herald Tribune, a Chinese daily on international affairs, reported Friday that it was not clear whether the South Korean president would have Chinese-style zhajiangmian (fried sauce noodles), recommending her to try it while in Beijing, as the dish would be different from the Korean-style noodles.

It seems that the newspaper mentioned the noodles, as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had them with dumplings at a simple restaurant in Beijing in August 2011 to become an icon of “noodle diplomacy.” Such an article indicates that the more interested Chinese people become in President Park, the higher expectation they have about her.

The online edition of the People’s Daily, the organ of the Communist Party of China, also paid attention to President’s Park’s Korean traditional dress she was wearing during a dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The daily said that Park showed the Korean style through the traditional dress and took another step forward in cultural exchanges.